Send Nix code from Emacs to Kitty

I’m learning Nix by following this tutorial and taking notes using Org Mode. I organized the notes with my thoughts and some code examples. Doom Emacs provides a function +eval/send-region-to-repl to run code in a language’s REPL buffer. It’s useful until multiple-line input comes, which prints like so:

nix-repl> let
  first_name = "Yejun";
  last_name = "Su";
    full_name = "${first_name} ${last_name}";

            first_name = "Yejun";
            last_name = "Su";
              full_name = "${first_name} ${last_name}";
{ full_name = "Yejun Su"; }

It appears that the input is also getting printed along with the result, which isn’t expected. However, when I tried with nix repl in Kitty, I didn’t encounter this problem. A viable solution that emerged is to send the Nix code from the org-babel source block directly to the Nix REPL in Kitty.

Thanks to the Kitty’s remote control, it’s easy to advise the +eval/send-region-to-repl function to send the Nix code to Kitty:

(defun kitty--ensure-nix-repl-tab ()
  (unless (zerop (shell-command "kitty @ ls | grep -q '\"title\": \"nix-repl\"'"))
    (shell-command "kitty @ launch --type tab --tab-title nix-repl nix repl")))

(defun kitty--send-region-to-nix-repl-tab ()
   (if (use-region-p) (region-beginning) (point-min))
   (if (use-region-p) (region-end) (point-max))
   "kitty @ send-text --match-tab title:nix-repl --stdin"))

(defun org-babel-src-block-language-p (language)
  (let ((block-info (org-element-at-point)))
    (and (eq (car block-info) 'src-block)
         (string= language (org-element-property :language block-info)))))

(defadvice +eval/send-region-to-repl (around my-send-region-to-repl activate)
  (if (and (eq major-mode 'org-mode)
           (org-babel-src-block-language-p "nix"))

When calling the +eval/send-region-to-repl function (SPC c s), if current major mode is org-mode and the language of the org-babel source block is nix, it sends the selected code to Kitty’s nix-repl tab, which runs the nix repl so that the code is evaluated in the Nix REPL. The tab will be created if not exist.

Screencast of send nix code from Emacs to Kitty