Skip sourcehut build in Emacs is the GitHub Actions counterpart in sourcehut, it can run jobs when you push to a git repository that contains a build.yml file. According to the manual, you can skip submitting a build by using git push -o skip-ci.

In Emacs, you can achieve this by adding an infix argument:

(transient-append-suffix 'magit-push "-n"
  '("-s" "Skip CI" "--push-option=skip-ci"))

This inserts a new infix argument to toggle the --push-option=skip-ci argument after the infix argument that toggles --dry-run in magit-push.

However, it is strange that neither agument -o skip-ci nor -o=skip-ci will take effect:

(transient-append-suffix 'magit-push "-n"
  '("-s" "Skip CI" "-o=skip-ci"))

(transient-append-suffix 'magit-push "-n"
  '("-s" "Skip CI" "-o skip-ci"))